The No B.S. Manifesto

It’s all bullshit. There’s bullshit on the airwaves, in your newsfeed, streaming straight to your TV, and IRL. It’s in the third-date-sex rule, the wait-at-least-a-day-to-text rule, the so-called American Dream, and (of course) the fucking wage gap. It’s even in skincare products you use every day to make yourself feel more beautiful.

The beauty industry is an $11 billion industry built on bullshit. It tells you who to be and what to buy, if that’s what you buy into, but we’re done. The way we see it, there’s no longer a place for half-truths, hidden agendas, or sponsored “scientific” studies in skincare. And ads that highlight your insecurities to sell products only make things worse.

That’s why we set out to create a new kind of skincare—one that makes beautiful skin accessible to everyone. Total transparency. Just the essentials. Delivered right to your door. As a brand, we’re living our truth (or at least trying) in our advertising, our animal-free testing, and in every one of our products.

Because if it’s bullshit, you should let it go.

And that is No B.S.

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