Citi Takes On

Anticipation. Passion. Excitement. Chills. This content series explores the many positive emotions that come up for fans and talent alike at Citi Entertainment events. Episode one focuses on confidence at Citi ProCamps with NFL Quarterback Dak Prescott.

 Episode 1: Confidence

/:15 Cutdown

Ran as a Mobile Moments banner on Verizon

Meet the Team

ACD Creative Team: Kerry Keady and Hannah Smith | Creative Director: Brad Levine | Production Company: Human Being


My Role: Associate Creative Director

  • Worked with a team to ideate Citi Takes On concept for content series

  • Wrote interview questions and VO lines for talent

  • Provided creative direction on the ground

  • Interviewed talent including ProCamps kids and Dak Prescott

  • Pulled soundbites from audio

  • Pieced together soundbites to fit with original storyline

  • Helped direct the edit

  • & more!