Feel the Moment with Citi Entertainment

If you know, you know. Citi cardmembers have access to 10,000+ events with their Citi cards. For nearly two years, our team from Superfly was on the ground at Citi Entertainment and/or Citi-sponsored events, creating content so that everyone at home could feel the moment.

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Citi Sound Vault

Music. Runs. Deep. At Citi Sound Vault, big name artists play iconic venues, just for Citi cardmembers. This year, we created content at a special Citi Sound Vault concert series during Grammy week.

Event Recap (FB, IG, TW)

Instagram In-Stream Ad with Black Thought

citibank 🎵⚡️What makes a great jam session? We’ll let @blackthought from @theroots tell you in his own words. 🎤🙌 #CitiSoundVault

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Citi Sound Vault 2019 Results

This campaign showed a large lift in favorability for Citibank with more than 29 million impressions, 66 thousand link clicks, and 6 million video views.

Luke Bryan At Hammerstein Ballroom

What makes you country in NYC? Seeing Luke Bryan perform live, for one. 🤠

When Luke Bryan put on a show exclusively for Citi AAdvantage cardmembers, we amplified the moment online. (FB, Citi’s Life and Money Content Hub)

Global Citizen Festival 2019

Global Citizen Festival is a celebration of social good that brings together 60K+ activists in Central Park. As its presenting partner, Citi empowers people who are out to change the world. #PowerTheMovement

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Special thanks to featured muralist @queenandreaone and videographer/creative @mindofchrisreeder 🙏

Festival Recap - YouTube TrueView (paid) and IG (organic)

citibank 60,000+ global citizens came together in Central Park today and the energy was ELECTRIC. ⚡️🎵 We’re grateful to everyone who took action to be @GlblCtzn Fest 2019. #PowerTheMovement

New York Comedy Fest

“It just comes from being confident and owning the stage…” 🎤✨

We gave Citi cardmembers and beyond an added level of access to Yvonne Orji at New York Comedy Fest by creating a video about how she feels the moment on stage. Yvonne, who was an absolute dream to interview, is best know for her roles on HBO’s Insecure and A Black Lady Sketch Show. (FB/IG/TW)

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Meet the Team

ACD Creative Team: Kerry Keady and Hannah Smith | Creative Director: Brad Levine | Producer: Pierre Roache | Production Companies: Good Co., Human Being (Global Citizen Fest), and Media Stranger LA (Citi Sound Vault)

My Role: Associate Creative Director

  • Pushed for an overarching Citi Entertainment campaign

  • Worked with a team to develop Feel the Moment

  • Helped come up with original concepts for social content

  • Wrote interview questions and VO lines for talent

  • Interviewed talent including Black Thought, Luke Bryan, and Yvonne Orji

  • Provided creative direction on the ground

  • Pulled soundbites from audio

  • Pieced together soundbites to create storylines

  • Helped develop social strategy for each campaign

  • Managed a mid-level copywriter to develop post copy (Citi Sound Vault)

  • Supervised edits

  • & more!